Sunday 25-6-2017

Basil Panakis
Sun 25 Jun 2017 08:51
39:52 N 22:32.8 W  0600 BST   
It is 0930 now and rolled the Genoa in, no wind. My course has been 90 C for the past few days. Baro currently 1024 and dropping.
We had dolphins galore yesterday, I had an uninterrupted night last night. The night before I had very little sleep, a lot of shipping about, SKALA which I spotted about 13-14 NM out was coming straight for me, did not deviate not even one degree from her COG. As Glen says, the guy on the bridge puts his playboy magazine on the radar and after a while dozes off. I put the engine on and took avoiding action when both green and red nav lights came into view. There was not much wind to play around with the sails. According to Len there is a gale coming on Tuesday/Wednesday hence his advice to steer 90 degrees as the winds will be stronger further north.
Dr Pedro I am following your instructions to the letter. No swelling no pain everything is fine.