Falmouth Bay

Basil Panakis
Mon 24 Apr 2017 02:06
17:00.9 N  61:46.8 W
It is too hot to sleep. Even the wind scoop on the fore hatch has not made a difference. During the afternoon i used it in the cockpit first as a scoop and later as a canopy to protect me from the sun. I think the design and the making of it is rubbish. Not fit for purpose. There is a flexi batten but the pocket is too long. A shorter pocket would have introduced a bend. Ill thought out attempt.
This morning emptied the cockpit locker with the intention to work on the engine. Filled the tank with 15 litres of diesel, now it is 7/8 full. Turned the key and the engine fired first time. No fuel starvation no hesitation. Put everything back in the locker.
Went ashore in the inflatable purchased 35 litres of diesel. 8 litres of water and went for supplies for the trip. Mainly drinks. Bought a steak of salmon and had that for lunch with a salad. In the evening I fried 3 eggs and another salad.
I checked the charts and worked the distances and courses to The Azores, Not much in it though around 2200 M, and the courses 61, 62 or 64 degrees. Certainly the mileage covered will exceed these figures as not all of it will be downhill sailing.
Tomorrow  I am expecting Maurice to come around and scrub my bottom, JABA’s.