Boxing Day

Basil Panakis
Mon 26 Dec 2016 18:09
16:27.7N 37:33W
If you are not getting my spots, then this is my noon position today.
I trust you all had a good break and ready to go to the sales.
Here, as Len said, the wind dropped a lot more than anticipated, down to 9 kt.
I put the main up today with the jib tight in, but I still need more wind.
There is nothing wrong with the alternator. I mentioned it to Terry in Mindolo and he said that my alternator is bang standard run of the mill thing. It checks around what to charge and of it goes. I tried this, this morning by starting the engine on the engine battery alone. It worked fine went up to 13.5 V. When switch over to 2 or 1+2 that’s it when it drops. Checked the connections and I believe the switched box that the Vitoria man did is at fault, probably wet. Put some vaseline but that has not cured it.
I will have another go and probably go to the old fashion way with crocodile clips. But everything is wet down there.