Basil Panakis
Sat 24 Dec 2016 16:33
16:30.8N 34:17W
Happy anniversary Jackie.
I had two email this morning, with the sun it makes it very difficult to see the screen and where the pointer is.
Last night it was a busy one, rain,wind, no wind, over 25 kt of wind...reduced sail which affected the daily run.
There is a smell of diesel in the cabin. The day before I rearranged the cockpit locker as I was trying yet again to fix the alternator. The spare can licked and saturated a bag with ropes inside I believe. While I was doing that we got pooped, I was seating in 4 inch of water. This gave me the opportunity to have a wash (baby wipes) and change my under ware. I do not wear anything else it is too hot.
I am having the same problems with the alternator yet again. It behaved fine on the way in to Mindelo and at Mindelo, so I had no reason to pursue any repairs. I have been reading about facilities in Rodney Harbour, St Lucia, Martinique and Antigua. Rodney Harbour probably will be full with all the ARC yachts, but I hope they must have moved to somewhere else by now.
Two nights running, terrible dreams about killings in USA and some other exotic place on a tour. Someone going around with a rifle all the time, someone I am supposed to know, but not.
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