St Lucia Wed 12 April

Basil Panakis
Wed 12 Apr 2017 20:24
It takes some time to acclimatise afresh. I think it is hotter now than in January. Plus coming straight from home adds to the burden of heat.
It is also frustrating that they are so laid back here. Nothing happens, I am waiting for trades to come and fix things, to give me quotes...I will melt before they decide to come or leave without having done their bits.
I sorted the boat out, wind pilot, dinghy on fore deck, spinnaker pole in its stowing place. I had to do these so I can unpack!
Put extra fixed led lights in the heads, today also another one on the bulkhead in the cabin, Replaced AAA batteries, all time consuming small things.
Asked the electrician for the steaming light and the guy to fix me a canopy so that I can get away from the scorching sun. Today looked for a rigger to fit me mast steps so at least I can go and fix the lights myself. Lets see how long I will have to wait...
I keep on going for shopping and getting things for the trip not many tin stuff here. Sardines and ham nothing else. Tins of veg fine, also bought lentils and borlotti beans to cook, as well as some flour in case I make bread of some description.
The trip was good, needn’t have worried about weight, I had 23 kg but I could have had as much as 32 kg and it wouldn’t have mattered, that’s what my luggage tag said.
Taxi ride to Vieux Fort (10 minutes) 25 Dollars Carib, public transport from there to Castries to the next bus station, one hour, 16 Dollars (8 for me and 8 for my luggage that was taking a seat), to the Marina 5 $ Carib. Total bill 46. The taxi would have cost 220 Eastern Caribbean $. A lot of Pitons!
During the morning I fixed a backing oak wood in the cabin by the sink onto which I fitted the battery monitor and the Marlec charger regulator. I need to drill somewhere convenient to pass all the cables to these two, extend cables put fuses etc etc
I’ll wait after six and may be finish it off at six tomorrow morning.
I intend to do some sightseeing too. By public transport of course.