Monday 10-7-17

Basil Panakis
Mon 10 Jul 2017 11:29
48:52 N 7:13 W Baro 1014.9 rising, W 6-8 NW, C30C, speed negligible. Seas confused. We did lovely yesterday until this morning
Saturday early evening it was the highlight of this trip. All day the whales kept on going around me. Then two of them came really close say 10-12 metres away and run parallel to me for a while. I had the camera going and my heart was on overdrive. I was scared, the adrenalin was pumping.
Sunday was the crossing onto the continental shelf. Very strange experience yet again. Seas very confused, swell all over the place,wind died down, swept south and out. Eventually the wind picked up and crossed the first contour. Swell still with us but not so bad. Will die after the third contour. Still with us now, this is what makes the sea lumpy. There is no LW with the car radios.