Basil Panakis
Sat 14 Jan 2017 15:00

14:04 N 60:56 W
This is the Marina. I entered and there were many available spaces...reserved, eventually I found one in the corner and took it.
Afterwards I was told to move to C7 where water and electricity will be available for me.
The last day, the day of arrival was the worse, wind, rain, no wind, gusts and yachts galore mainly moving north. It was the day I had to wear my Musto. I asked one British yacht whether he knew or availability of a berth in the marina. He had no idea, obviously an anchoring guy.
The marina entrance not easy to identify from a distance, a good thing I had put the Lat Long on the chartplotter. Difficult to read the chartplotter too, so once I got the course I steered to compass.
I asked the security guard at the gate about the rubbish, 5 dollar you have to pay. I saw a black bin bag (rubbish) so I left my two small shopping bags next to it.
Did the clearance with the Immigration etc 12 USD.
Then to the marina office, booked for a week. There is a daily rate, a weekly rate and a monthly rate. It looks rather expensive place to stay. Swinging mooring in the lagoon is half the price. Peter in the berth next to me is flying back to UK for 6 weeks for 1200 USD with British Airways. I need to get on the net to check a few other locations.
The electrician called in today, sorting out tomorrow, the Chinaman’s partner turned up he is coming tomorrow for measurements and pricing. Mindelo and a lot of places you go to they moor either bow to or stern to. I cannot go stern to as I have the self steering. Bow to is too high, so I have asked him to cut the pulpit and put a step so that I can get to the boat.
I have the steaming light to fix, look for racor parts, a drive belt for the engine and may be a bimini. Once I get the second domestic battery sorted out I will get a cool box/fridge.
I prepared this on the boat and keeping it as draft. There is Wi Fi in the marina but it is restricted, I can use the Tablet but not the laptop.
The marina is built by Walcon.