Basil Panakis
Fri 5 May 2017 13:38
25:26 N  60:03 W at 0600 hours on 5-5-17
Hi  Len
Thanks for the response re diodes and weather.
The Nasa is on ALARM the back light off. The RTE is on, everything else is off.
As I said I disconnected the battery and everything is fine with the domestic batteries. I reconnected it this morning. All OK another experiment tonight.
Had a tanker go by last night, the alarm worked, the RTE worked with flashings, tricolor on, NASA alarm off, AIS transponder on. I even put the RADAR on for practice. Battery OK. The under sink one was disconnected of course.
Had to service the winch, port side, change the gas cylinder...there are things to do.
There are more GPS receivers/antennas then you can imagine, every time I added a plotter I added a new aerial. Two of the plotters are in storage on board, the current one I use it as and when, you can overlay the radar or use it as radar screen or chart plotter. As there is nothing around I simply use the compass. At night I use a torch to read the reciprocal from my bunk.
It looks like a slow passage this. I have been on a beat since last Friday. I do not want to press the boat, better late than damage things.
Something I hit the other day, though I did not hear a thing, the boat hoved to and when I checked the steering blade was horizontal.
Good on Dave, lovely man. He gets my spots too.