Day 19

Basil Panakis
Fri 6 Jan 2017 13:02
15:05 N 54:52 W
The spot needed new batteries as they expired while transmitting. Replaced them and off we go again.
Yesterday I had 454 NM to cover, today 371 NM, therefore I need 90 NM per 24 hour period to reach my waypoint on Tuesday. However it does not get light until about 10 o’clock UK time. So my last night will have to have a number of adjustment, north-south and speed...I would like to see the islands as we approach them in daytime.
Let’s hope the winds are kind to us. I do not get any forecast from anywhere, only what Len sends me.
I found out that at anchor they charge 25 USA dollars per night, this is not marina, it is rather expensive. I have to go to the marina though as I need a number of things sorted out. I might have to re-evaluate my re-evaluation I have made about USA.
The 4th battery which lives on the cabin floor at present I want it to be my second leisure/domestic battery. The current engine starting battery to be isolated and do this only, start the engine. I think I need a coolbox/fridge which I should run from the two combined batteries. I need battery cables/leads and terminals and a place to fix the engine battery. Also the charging system to incorporate the fourth battery (under the sink) 2-3 way switches and/or a more sophisticated charging system.