Sunday 18-6-2017 Week two-three

Basil Panakis
Sun 18 Jun 2017 09:43

Sunday Olaf and I went to Vila Nova for the Spirito Santo celebrations, apparently they hold the best festival in the whole of Terceira. An old cart cost in the region of 1200 €. They did have a lot there in excess of 30, on the way back we passed a number of other villages that had one or two carts.

Monday was the actual day of Spirito Santo and everything was closed.

Guy Waites is apparently on his way here, I get my messages from Norman Bailey on Facebook. I told NB that I will wait for Guy. Guy has mentioned that he will call me on VHF radio. Never happened, kept on going to check whether any sailing ship had come in, nothing.

My right knee has been playing me up, I twisted it on the boat. Got worse since we landed, all that walking and carrying the supplies did not help. Females cannot give directions here...sending me for wild goose chases...looking for diodes.

Jackie suggested that I leave the boat here and go back. The same was suggested by Pedro as he was delaying my op. I checked with Paolo and it is prohibitably expensive to stay on the water €1800, cheaper to come ashore €500 but this cannot happen until September as the summer celebrations are to start soonwith the erection of the marquees.

I took voltarol and bought Voltaren from the local pharmacy but things did not make much difference.

Eventually I checked with Dr Denis who said that it was not the ligaments and most probably arthritis that disloged some bits and are irritating the joint. He suggested to get an elasticated bandage from the the pharmacy to give some support until I get back home and then have an MRI scan to see what is causing it.

I was perched on the companion way when I saw Guy waveing from the shore. I got up and he made his way toward me on the pontoon.

I showed him the ropes about shower, laundry etc and left him. By the time I got my camera he had shaved so I missed the shot with his beard. Had proper coffee and Heather's (his sister) cake on JABA. The coffee became a regular event every morning.

Apparently had arrive the night before, before it got dark and berthed inside the outter pontoon. A Greek from a Nicholson 32 offered him some home made bread and cheese and another Brit from Amble took his lines and invited him the following evening for a meal on their boat.

Thus the week with Guy began, great company, exchange of stories etc, shopping, meals everything was done together. He went on a guided tour with the Amble yatchies on Saturday afternoon, I was invited to go but as I had done it in 2012 I did not see the point. In the evening we were supposed to go to the BBQ at Clube Navale at 2000 hours. The guide had told them that there was a bull run in the streets of Terceira that evening. So I joined them and once we arrived there we split. I asked a lady whether I can get in her terrace and take some shots. Permission granted and I got in and up and they locked the gate behind me. By then they had moved on, I got my video, two runs up the street with the bull within a few meters from me but I was safe at the terrace. As the time was going by I was let out and I made it back to the boat. Guy was not back so I went to the CN alone. All the foreign skippers from the marina were there. For €5 you ate all you could, chicken, sardines, beans with pork etc.

Apparently Guy could not remember where the venue was and he had some burger from the side road by the marina.

Eventually Dr Pedro came around and gave details of the next procedures. The two days became 2 weeks.

Of course we had the Gale on Thursday-Friday and heard all the news about the retirements and rescues Ostar 2Star just north of us. Thi was a predicted gale that was going to give us some wind to get back to UK. My plan was to leave on Sunday after the gale, the seas would have calmed down a bit by then. Guy decided to go on Monday. I was going to spent the Monday in Angra so he decided to postpone his trip by a day and we spent Monday in Angra.

Guy left on Tuesday afternoon. Paolo with his assistant towed Guy out to the outer harbour.

I will not eleborate on Guy's boat and it's preparation other than state that is very light and purpose built for the trip intended. It is a minimalist design and for the whole trip he is on his knees.

Wednesday I went to the clinic where all the preliminaries were done by Dr Monica Mendes. In the evening there was a party at Club  Navale, this time I had my camera with me. I found out this by going to the CN ad asking the owner whether he could post me the photos he took of the BBQ, he said yes but I think it is either the maniana or things got lost in translation.

Friday had the op by Dr Pedro. What an experience. I ended up with three implants. I thought I had asked for two. Nancy said it is better this way as there is more strainght on that side of the jaw.

Dr Pedro asked me not to have anything to eat that evening but icecream. Bought to tabs and that had an adverse effect with my bowels. 0300 hours I was running to the loo...with the runs. Same in the morning and again this morning at 0300 and 0700.

Last night there was a party and a meal on his boat and I was invited,  I already had two meal last evening and that was the 3rd, plus a lot of wine. 

I did some fishing from the boat and caught 4 fish which I fried and consumed plus some chicken with boiled potatoes. Lunch time I had some rice but none of these helped with the diarrhoea.