Quinta do Lorde

Basil Panakis
Mon 11 Jul 2016 15:52

I was coming down here on the headsail only as an experiment. The wind started at 10-12 and as I was approaching Sao Lourenco, the NE corner of Madeira, the wind started to pick up, 20 then 24, round the corner 28 and eventually the approach to the Marina at 34 kt.There must have been a race or overfalls off the corner. Very disturbed seas.

It was not a good idea not to have had the main up. I started to struggle with the engine. Eventually the overheating light came on, reduced the revs but I was blown away. Kept on calling the Marina but no reply. 9 and 16...eventually I got a responce and the rib came out and after some language problems he succumbed to give me a tow.

Mind you the next day I was told that the tow cost me 38 euros. As he towed me in there was a guy on the pontoon to whom I pass the rope which he ignored and rushed to the guy on the rib who apparently wrapped my rope around his propeller. So I mounted the rib. It was really very comical. I could have come in by myself once he brought me within spitting distance from the marina. The berth was the furthest in the marina, no internet cover and a long walk. I asked to be moved and they allocated me a space just in front of the office.

I managed to get the password ec from the two Germans of Porto Santo but I could not access the internet on my arrival night.

The following day I took the laptop and the tablet to the office and it was the manager who eventually sorted them out. I am a staff of the marina now, that's how I get on the net.

Friday afternoon took a long walk along the Sao Lourenco peninsula. Four hours but it was excellent. A bit barren and everything was parched.

Saturday I took the local bus into Funchal. Very hot, Boudicca was coming in. Stopped at a cafe with ambience and had a bite. I left a tip and the waiter was most impressed, holidaymakers never left a thing. Enquired about a berth in the marina and was told that I could be accommodated as I was small enough to squeeze somewhere. One of the local girls said to me you are better off at where you are. Found a supermarket and did some shopping and caught the 14.30 bus back.

Changed my attire and tackled the overheating. Disconnected the inlet hose and put the long screwdriver down, healthy lot of water entered the boat. Next tackled the hoses to the exhaust manifold. Took the thermostat out which was bent out of shape. Cleaned up everything and reassembled the lot by replacing one of the jubille clips too. Took about an hour.

On Friday Joana the receptionist phoned for a Volvo engineer who wanted 80 Euros to come from Funchal plus VAT, and his hourly rate was 40 euro. I said no, I willsort it out myself. Initially I wanted the water cooling system to be flushed out. I asked at the supermarket for descaler but they have never heard of it. I hope the replacing of the defunct thermostat will have resolved the overheating problem.