Basil Panakis
Fri 30 Dec 2016 17:02
15:53 N 43:40 W
The westing is good but we are not doing enough southing!
The guy outside the Marina was surprised that I was going first to the laundry and then to the Immigration. I was approached by a guy who wanted to help, who eventually was after some money! The Immigration officer said first the Police then here.
At the Policia Maritima the officer was hinting about CD/DVD that was given to him by a passenger etc. He kept my ship’s papers (SSR).
Next to Immigration, which in fact is, the Police force again. He went to clear a ship and returned with a plastic bag with goodies. The office had accommodation for three officers. An elderly couple turned up with a bundle of passports and tried to get in front of me. By now I was angry by having to wait by being husled for money so I told him to get behind me. The Policeman stamped my passport and asked for 5 Euro, Well I thought give it to him and see what happens. Nothing, he pocket it.
Back on Friday the same routine. Collect my ship’s papers pay 7 Euros with receipt.  Same Immigration Police stamped my passport to leave and ask for money again...I told him that I paid him last time, he did not insist and I left.
More to follow.