The beginning

Basil Panakis
Sun 12 Jun 2016 12:50

This now from Praia da Vitoria in Terceira.

I launched on the Friday and on the way to the American Wharf I noticed that the revs went down, and eventually thee was propalsion. Eventually somebody pushed t the pontoon and I put a line across. No matter what I tried th engine would no start again.

Back home I told Jackie that I was going. The next thing I had to sort out was whether I had anything wrapped up around my prop that might have caused this.

This I arranged on Thursday for a 1400 lift off etc. But when I went to the  boat in the morning, it was sunny and I could see the prop clearly. Put the engine in gear and the prop went merrily away...

From home that evening tried to organise for an engineer to turn up. One said no, for the other I had to wait a fortnight. Eventually by hiding my number I managed to get a reply from my regular engineer to come on Monday and have a look. Two idle days went bye. On Monday he could not solve the problem and advised me to get a new engine. Waiting time 4 weeks. Could have been the injectors or the fuel injector pump. I asked for both to be sorted out. He did not have the right tools nor the workshop manual to affect repairs. £100 down the drain. Arrangements were made to ring me. I phoned on Tuesday and he did not pick up the phone. No news there. Looked to buy an engine on ebay but I was outbid.

On Wednesday I went down to RK Marine in Bursledon and had a long chat with the service manager and explained in detail what had happened on Monday. The clue he got was from the overfilling of my tank. My tank was nearly full and as the engineer thought I had contaminated fuel, so he bye passed the tank and used fresh fuel from a container I had just filled. Well most of that fuel was going back to m tank which overflowed from the breather pipe to the outside (river).

The manager then hadthe brilliant idea that there is a pressure relief valve in the injector fuel pump which for some reason got stuck in the open position and was sending the fuel back to the tank rather than to the fuel pump. He asked to go back to the boat and restrict the flow of the fuel to the tank. After reconnecting everything as it was originally and replacing the old pipe with a brand new hose I clamped it with a pair of pliers and the whole thing worked. Magic. Draw your own conclusion of the engineer and his recommendation.