Antigua, Covent Garden

Basil Panakis
Thu 27 Apr 2017 13:30

This is the second morning I spend here using their internet, which is free. I had a coffee both days, tried a Barbados lager yesterday with my sandwiches I made on the boat. Most of the big yacht crews have left, the place looks a bit quieter. On Saturday the Antigua week for cruisers will start.

I am due to go on Saturday but I think I'll make a move tomorrow instead. As Len says why give the barnacles the option to recolonise you? 

There is no likelyhood of the winds going SE for the next week at least.

I missed Caroline's email re last night's quiz in the club in Falmouth Bay. I missed Fiona and Terry in St Lucia too. I did go on the VHF there and put an impromptu call for SISU but had no response. It was a shot in the dark.

It is nearly 9.30 and I'll pack up and go to Customs/Immigration and clear for tomorrow. It is a bit early thought for lunch and getting back to the boat. I need to make a bit more shopping. There will be some EC$ left over but so be it.

I will have to lift the inflatable onboard deflate it, pack and store it on the foredeck.

I hear that Thom has made it to the Marquesas after 38 days. Well done. He had a well founded Vancouver 28.

This is the last mail from land.