The beginning 2

Basil Panakis
Sun 12 Jun 2016 13:22

Told Jackie that I will be going. Made arrangements for a lift off to check whether my prop had picked anything on the way to the Marina. Visited the club and made arrangements for my dinghy to be picked up on the way down and then back home.

Caught the bus as Jackie was at Yoga and made a late start. Dropped the dinghy, Gerry came and picked it up, took some photos and off I went. Then the wind died down and the alternator light came on. Drifting...I asked for a tow to the Solent but the guys were not interested...Breeze came up and offI went...died again when I was in the shallows and a husband and wife team gave me a tow to Cowes. Harbour Master moved me the next day to Shepperds for repairs. Nothing wrong with the alternator but changed the impeller as a good measure. £112.

Off I went in early afternoon, this is Friday, still time for a Sunday start, 15th May. The alternator light came on again. I am not going back with no engine to Cowes. There was wind so I carried on.

Pleasant sail, mainly hand steering as I was still experimenting with the windpilot. Then in the middle of the night it all clicked and did not have to touch it again.

Lost the wing past Salcombe and put the engine on. It worked for about an hour or so and cut out again.

Called the Marina to come and pick me up outside the Marina. Phoned Tony to tell him that I was on the way, but didn't have a chance to say anything as he said he was going to ring me back which he never did.

Soon the wind dropped and the tide turned against me. Delayed and eventually I asked for help by the Marina but he was not authorised to come out beyong the waterbreak. Called the long room who said no, by now probbly is midnight. They suggested I call the Coastguard. Who eventually sent the RNLI for a tow. I lost by then everyting I was in total blackness, no VHF, nav lights nothing at all. Hand held VHF and torch. The Coastguard got worried as they lost contact with me, but I did tell them that there was no danger to life.

Sunday morning I went to visit Lokum and was made most welcomed. Then I went to see the start from the spectator boat. Took some good photos and video.

Monday morning Kevin came around and could not find anything other than a loose wire and charged me £20. Bill had said it must be a loose wire that touches and sorts the system out.

So I left on Monday 16th, at approx 15.00 hours.