Basil Panakis
Thu 15 Dec 2016 15:09

Life's ups and downs. The day before yesterday I had a local guy go up the mast to sort out my steaming light. Worked OK then, but when I checked it again at midnight did not come on. I was messed around yesterday, but up he went again this morning. I think he managed to break one of the lugs, meanwhile when I was checking the fuse I broke the retaining lug.

He came down with the whole light and see whether what he has at home matches mine. I stuck the fuse back in with gaffer tape.

I used my newly acquired clippers and cleared the fluff from my neck. Also had a go around my ears too. I'll have another go tomorrow morning again with the combs.

Yesterday I organised with a taxi driver to take me around the island, 3 hours for 30 euros. The proper quide wanted 50 euros. I mentioned it to Terry and Fiona last night and they joined me. Most impressive. They were chuffed.

I am back at my favourite Cafe for my lunch. Chicken today. Brazilian black beans yesterday, better then the ones I had down there in Rio.

The day before I had an omellete with sea food. On Monday I had cachupa, a new experience.

I asked Kelvin if I can pay with euros instead of local money and he he said it should not be a problem.

At the supermarket I asked the lady whether I can pay by credit card, only with a national card. You can get cash from the ATM and pay thus!!!

Today Terry and Fiona paid me in local currency, so I am back in business.

I found a bakery and had some bread which I liked the first day. Today I bought 6 individual mini breads. I asked the girl whether the big long bread was of the same kind and she said yes. Tomorrow morning I'll two of these large loaves to take with me. As long as they do not go mouldy I'll be fine. Going hard won't matter as I can dip them in some juice of sorts.