Porto Santo

Basil Panakis
Mon 11 Jul 2016 15:20

Left Sta Maria by 0800 hours. I had a following wind while at the south of the island. At the south east corner the waters got confused as well as the wind. Put the engine for while and everything settled. Engine off and 5 days of easy sailing started. Wind varied from 12 - 20 kt.

Day 4 and particularly 5 I had quite a few wind holes. Engine came on most of the time.

Porto Santo looked quite impressive from the way I was coming, it remained me south pacific islands with conical peaks rather than say azorean or madeiran islands. I turned the corner and sailed most of the way to the port. Put the engine on, organised coming along side, and the wind picked up a lot, in excess of 25 Kt. Some german guys quided me t a berth and took my lines. I kept on calling them on 11 and 16 but there was no reply. Later discovered that they only listen to 9. The book is wrong.

The next day at the office they asked me to move. Too big a berth for a small bioat like mine. I was not pleased. I had to squeeze next to another guy and we were touching all the time. I decided to go, so I only spent two nights there. Internet access was at the marina restaurant. One toilet forthe whole marina. It was also relatively expensive to what I was used to in the Azores.

On the eve of arrival I walked into tawn, had a burger and a beer and a rest. Not as good as the burger in Furnas. Went shopping where you had to py for the plastic bags. I bought meat and potatoes and did a lovely meal the next morning.

Day two I visited the town again and Colombus' house and museum. I had a lovely chat with the guide about Colombo, the dutch etc. The two German guys left.

The following day it was a testing time for patience. Different girls in the office they did not know how to do things...then the machine did not work, then the printer did not print...I tried to look at the funny side of it but I was struggling at their inefficiencies. This is their way of life!

Left eventually at 0950 hours.