Thursday 22-12

Basil Panakis
Thu 22 Dec 2016 14:48
16: 37N 31:11W
I spent over 12 hours with a fishing boat, avoiding him. First time as I was to do the log at lunch time. Then he cleared off and turned up again after 1800 hours, di not clear him until midnight.
I am having the same problems with the alternator. It was as good as gold once I tightened the terminals, over 13.5 v on the meter. I got a that the violent movement of the boat  moves the batteries down in the cockpit locker and the terminals get loosened  Hell of a job to tackle in this running seas. Where do I put all the gear for a start?
I gave the battery two mini charges yesterday and one today. I may have to go hove to and see what happens.
Not quite made the 100 mark again. The seas are rough but not as bad as the first few days. Those 8s and 9s stirred things up.
I think I will be going direct to St Lucia. Sorted the flags out earlier on.