St Vincent and St Lucia

Andy Gibb
Fri 10 Feb 2012 18:25
We are at 14:05.5N 60:58.2W at Rodney Bay Marina in St Lucia.
After the Pitons, we sailed Intrepid 10 miles north to Marigot Bay St Lucia, which we last entered in 2004 as part of a friendly race/regatta (that Intrepid won) sponsored by Bounty Rum, in which the free rum was so copious that every crew was under the table by 8pm. Property Developers were having a hard time of it here at that time, and its pleasing to see they have been successful, as its now a fairly elegant yet not obtrusive small marina with hotel and villa accommodation stretching up the hillside.

I wrote that last paragraph in good faith. Until we got chatting to Geoff who sold his house in UK and built his own house here 5 years ago. Apparently the hotel developer went into receivership last year (!) and all 50 owners of the units are haggling with Scotia Bank, who now effectively runs the place. People seem to want a white sand beach, and if all you have is a gloriously protected bay, then there is too much competition. So Marigot Bay may have to fallback on being a 'hurricane hole' claiming to protect yachts at moorings from a hurricane. Hmmmmmmm.

I also met Chris, who built his dream house here and moved here with his young family. But it didn't work, he is now back here to rent or sell the (lovely) house. Caribbean dreams don't always end happily.

Andy and Nicky Gibb Intrepid of Dover.