Atlantic Waves

Andy Gibb
Wed 12 Jan 2011 11:00
We left Gambia at midday and are now at 13:21.70N 18:24.45W bombing along in
22 knot winds from the ENE at 7.5 knots towards French Guyana. The waves are
about 4 metres high, and fairly disorganised, so Intrepid has to cope not
only with the wind but the 25 degree roll as a 4 metre wave lifts her up,
passes underneath, and sets her down again. This affects the wind hitting
the sails so that the sometimes shake the wind out of them - not good for
sleeping if it happens at night. I cooked fish (freshly caught by Kebber for
us yesterday) and vegetables and rice, 3 of us enjoyed it, but I am afraid
Martin's reaction to the sight of my food required a bucket, so we are
hoping he will get used to the waves - he is a tough guy and kept his watch
OK with Jonny (we put new crew on watch together until they have learnt all
the aspects of the boat). We passed a shipping lane last night and had to
change course to avoid 2 of them, safely passing 1.5 miles away. No ships
this morning, (Wednesday 12th Jan ) just grey cloudy skies and the lonely
ocean. We have an intermediate waypoint that is now 1280 miles away, after which it is just 800 miles to French Guyana. So 2080 miles to go from here, we have already done about 130.