Boavista - and Salmonella

Andy Gibb
Wed 15 Dec 2010 10:30
We are at 16:10.61N 22:55.27W in Boavista's small crowded rock strewn harbour, one of the least visited of the Cap Verdes. Nicky went down with salmonella, and was badly dehydrated resulting in our seeing more of the clinic than we would like, but she is now improving slowly. Which is just as well - lifting an ill patient off intrepid into a dinghy to go to shore is best avoided. The clinic was really efficient and helpful. The harbour of Palmeira in the isalnd of Sal was a good if crowded first anchorage, but our fuel line was stolen, and dinghy floor deflated as well as Nicky's salmonella poisoning, so in all we not sorry to leave, and go to Santa Maria in the south, where however the waves were so strong that it was only with good luck and some skill that Deby and I managed to get her ashore onto a wave battered pier to check her apartment - and get her back again. So now we are planning the 4 day sail to Gambia as Deby has a flight 2 days after we should arrive, and James flies in for Christmas. Intrepid is refueled (by dinghy) propane gas bought, provisioned, and we have enjoyed the enchanting central square in Boavista where it all happens (in a tropical laid back way).