Tendaba Safari

Andy Gibb
Wed 5 Jan 2011 21:56
We are still at 13:26.51N 15:48.59W Tendaba Camp. A 20 seater truck driven
by Jawal took just 4 of us us on a wildlife safari to Kliang West National
Park. Gambian animals are shy and we saw birds but no large animals because
we are in the early in the dry season and the water holes are still so
extensive that although we were up early the animals had been even earlier
or weren't so thirsty. Tomorrow we will use local transport in 6 stages to
get to Kautour Harbour where we have arranged a local pirogue to take us up
the Gambia River to see hippos and crocodiles to Janjanburu Camp where we
will stay the night. Jonny will stay on Intrepid - he is helping to repair a
local pirogue although he is already thinking he has bitten off more than
can be done in a few days. I have donated a saw and we have scoured the intrepid library for the best way to caulk leaky joints in tropical wood.