Atlantic Crossing Gambia to French Guyana 2100 miles eta 29th January 2011

Andy Gibb
Tue 11 Jan 2011 09:46
Its Tuesday 11th January and we are at 13:23.56N 16:37.38W at Lamin Lodge preparing to set off for the Atlantic. We have a full set of vegetables, but Mahmoud is looking for sweet potatoes and water melon for us, we have said good-bye to everyone in Lamin, I have changed the engine oil and gearbox oil and all the filters, and drained 3 litres of fuel from the diesel tank to eliminate minor sludge and any possible water/diesel interface that may cause diesel bug. Everything is lashed down and we are ready to go - forecast is for 10-12 knot winds for the first 3 days from North or North-East - should be fine if not particularly fast. ETA is 29th January in French Guyana.