A third of the way 3 Dec 25:23.38N 16:42.58W

Andy Gibb
Fri 3 Dec 2010 15:18
Guest blogger Deby. As a 'newbie' to Intrepid I am settling into daily life
aboard. Even managed to bake a loaf of bread today, which didn't last too
long so it must have been good! Still waiting on fresh fish to be caught
despite Andy changing the lures every few hours. Something nibbled at both
lines yesterday but unfortunately didn't bite. Around midday today Andy
found a fairly large flying fish onboard, which must have taken a wrong turn
overnight. Even this isn't proving to be a successful lure. There has been
a surprising amount of traffic to and fro along the coast of West Africa.
After a cloudy and quite chilly day yesterday, the sun has finally made an
appearance to warm us up. The sea temperature has risen by nearly 2 degrees
since Lanzarote. Our guest blogger tomorrow will be Jim.