Saturday 4th - Dolphins at 23:35.62N 17:40.05W

Andy Gibb
Sat 4 Dec 2010 14:36
We are in position 23:35.62N 17:40.05W at 1400 Sat 4th December

Guest blogger Jim. Well scurrying south has really paid off, the low is
passing to the north of us leaving us with a steady south south westerly
breeze, warm air and lots of sunshine. This is taking us a litle further west
than we would have liked but it is perfect sailing weather. A pod of
dolphins joined us this morning, gambolling round the boat for 30 mins or
more. Fishing has been less successful with nothing caught so far. However
it has now taken the form of a competition with Jim taking over a rod. He
has a cunning plan with a new lure and a sinker to make it run deeper! A
round of drinks in the bar at the end of the voyage is at stake. We have
just passed the 500 miles to go mark, so we are more than half way. A
suprising number of ships have been about, some passing less than a mile
away. For most of last night we rarely had less than 3 ships in sight.