40 miles south of Gran Canaria 2 Dec 27:02.12N 15:15.27W

Andy Gibb
Thu 2 Dec 2010 15:13
We chose to stay on the west side of Fuertaventura as we need to make good speed to Cap Verdes for 2 reasons: 1. Jim's flight departs in 10 days time; 2. There is a big storm coming across the Atlantic that will give us 40 knot winds against us if we not below 25N. So everyone is keen to get best speed. But the Canaries a a block on the Atlantic winds which whistle round and over them and eddy back again, so at 2am on Thursday the wind which had been pushing us through the gap between Fuertaventura and Gran Canaria at a nice 6 knots died completely, and I decided it was better to motor and get away from the confused winds. At the same time I was perusing a presentation for work, which made it slightly surreal in the dark while everyone else was asleep visualising the presentation to think of all the angles, and doing the same thing to the wind and how best to make progress and checking for other ships. This worked at we resumed sailing after a few hours, and are now making good progress south at about 5.5 knots in 15 knots of wind from the NE.
The weather is quite cloudy and Jim feels cold, but we remind him its 22C here rather than 0C in UK before wrapping him up in long trousers and jackets. We had 2 fish on the line but both get away which is just as well as everyone agrees that pasta and sauce is the best dinnner for first night at sea, even if that sounds like sour grapes.
Yesterday I promised Deby the moon, but I am afraid clouds rather than stars got in her eyes, and she never saw it, even though the moon rose at 3am (Deby has the 2.30-5am watch). Jim does the 5-8.30, Nicky her normal 9pm to midnight watch (no moon) and Andy midnight to 2.30am.