Fish at last and 200Nm to go 7 Dec 19:31.03N 20:36.26W

Andy Gibb
Tue 7 Dec 2010 15:20
Guest blogger Deby. Well, the wait was over. Just as I was beginning to think we would arrive in Cape Verde without catching a fish, around midday I heard Nicky shout 'Fish on!'. Silence all round as Jim carefully reeled in the line whilst Andy waited patiently, gaff in hand, to grab the fish when close enough. Gasps as the fish leaped high above water, but unluckily for the fish he remained attached to the line. Five minutes later and the 2kg dorado was on deck, gutted and filleted. Only its blood remained, briefly, as a sign of what had taken place. We thoroughly enjoyed the fish lunch with freshly baked bread and salad. Fish and chips tonight! All being well, we hope to arrive in Palmeira, Sal, Cape Verde on Thursday or Friday. Tomorrows guest blogger will be Jim.