Day 3 Thursday 13th January

Andy Gibb
Thu 13 Jan 2011 10:47
We have sailed 250 miles from Gambia now (at 1030), and only have another
1900 miles to go. We are out of helicopter range of Gambia (200 miles - not
sure if they even have one apart from possibly a presidential helicopter),
and won't be within range of French Guyana until we have sailed another 1700
miles - they will have a helicopter as the Arianne space launch site is in
French Guyana to take advantage of the extra speed of the earth near the
The sea is a boisterous 2-3 metre waves but unruly, coming from all
directions, the wind 20-25 knots pushing Intrepid along at 7-8 knots, bumpy
if you are trying to sleep. Martin is better, working on a diet of banana,
ymmy tummy crisps (2) and toast with marmalade. We encourage him to drink
large amounts, in proper scientific manner he drinks from a litre bottle so
he can tell how much he has drunk. We also gave him rehydration solution
(salts and glucose) to keep his body salts and suar balance OK.
Jonny and Martin continue to share watches until Martin is close to 100%,
but last night we only saw one ship - a small fishing vessel without AIS,
and there are no other ships within 50 miles of us.
A shearwater visited, Intrepid scares scores of flying fish into flight, and
the shearwater glides about a foot above the waves and catches them in
mid-flight, then shows off his acrobatics to say thanks.
Jonny cooked a lovely potatoe and onion bake with ratatouile, and our
sundowner drinks were lively in anticipation. Its Nicky's brithday tomorrow (14th January) so more celebrations.