Sunday 5th - below the storm at 22:19.20N 18:36.31W

Andy Gibb
Sun 5 Dec 2010 14:39
Today's blogger is Nicky:
We are in position 22:19.20N 18:36.31W just after a good lunch on Sunday, consisting of freshly made sun-died tomato and parmesan bread (thanks, Deby). We seem to have successfully avoided the big storm which is somewhere to the north west of us and which is just starting to make a swell from that direction which is a relief. Unfortunately that means we are in a position without any wind which is not so good for us but the sun is now out after several days of grey skies so we will live with it! We have the engine on but do not want to run it much as fuel will be difficult to get fom here on and also of dubious quality.
Having the engine on a bit last night meant that we had hot water for a shower this morning. Luxury!!
Still no fish but the Great Fishing competition continues.