Andy Gibb
Sun 16 Jan 2011 03:04
We are at 12:05.46N 27:33.97 at 2100 15th January 2011, Jonny Ladd is guest
Well today started with the traditional bowl of muesli and as per usual it
went down a treat, sadly martin is as yet to enjoy such delights but slow
recovery is on the horizon. Andy has been busy checking engine oil levels,
whilst nicky has been a busy girl hanging out wet stuff and sweeping. After
such a flurry of activity lunch is upon us with homemade soup, freshly baked
bread with steak and mustard for filling, all very lovely. Time for a rest
and enjoy the rolling sea's and the glorious sunshine, followed by a walk
around and 30 press ups, whilst on my walk i noticed a problem with the new
gen which provides the boat with enough power to charge the batteries for
our daily and evening ELECTRICITY usage, without it life becomes a little
harder to power the auto pilot, GPS, AIS, and generaly anything that uses
ELECTRICITY mmmmmmmmmmm, usualy it would involve using the engine to charge
the batteries, which on our current daily use for essentials would mean
running the engine for about 4 hours, this is all fine but due to largish
sea's and force 7/8 winds and the boat rocking well, not the best
conditions for using an engine power.
We sat looked talked. looked talked, chatted all a little tricky due to the
whole casting for the altinator housing which supports one side of the
machine had snapped clean in half, this was not going to be an easy fix,
initial thought was that a fix was probably not possible mmmmmmmmmm, 3 hours
of Andy and I working on the stern of Intrepid (hooked on) using a horseshoe
double bolt through deck fitting to repair the break, and after testing the
good news was reported, currently fixed and working, will let you
know the progress of the repair, lets hope it holds as we still got 10 days
at least at sea, mmmmmmmmmmmm keep ya posted : )
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