Nicky's Birthday and on track for a record!

Andy Gibb
Fri 14 Jan 2011 17:10
At 5pm on 14th January we ar at 12:26.57N 24:27.34W we have done 450 miles and have 1725 to go approximately. We celebrated Nicky's birthday with birthday cards of undisguised bad taste, and presents of red roses and chocolates, followed by fudge brownies for tea. Intrepid has done 158 miles towards our destination since 1800 yesterday, so we are no track to do 162 miles in 24 hours which is a record for Intrepid. And that is with both sails with 2 furls in them. Martin is improving every day, he smiles 20% of the time now, he ate a mug full of my very best home made soup for lunch, has drunk at least 2 litres of water, and kept watch from 0630. I have gingerly started fishing, using a trailed lure on a 100lb line, as I do not want to have to stop and heave to to land a fish on a wildly bucking deck.
The sound of the waves going past the hull is like a roaring, Intrepid is surfing the waves at 8 knots like a giant surf board, and we are the humans on top hanging on. Its a 15 day adrenalin rush.