Monday - normal day at the office routine 11:08.34N 32:49.62W

Andy Gibb
Tue 18 Jan 2011 03:16
After 2 repairs over the weekend, Monday was a normal day at the office. Martin did the early morning watch 6 to 8.30am and is feeling much better, eating small amounts of normal food, (we have run out of bananas until the 10Kg bunch we have swaying at the stern ripens) and generally being his usual proper self. Jonny continues to cook superlative meals, Nicky baked excellent bread, I made lures and hooked a 1 metre 20Kg fish - which leapt 2 metres vertically out of the sea, and bit through the solid steel sea fishing hook - probably a wahoo whihc have fearsome jaws that cut a man's leg to the bone with one bite. - we werent that sad not to have him thrashing around on a rolling deck
We planned our departure to maximise moon, and we now have wonderful slivery moonlight all night, which seems almost as bright as day as your eyes accustom to it - only problem is it means you can see the 3-4 metre waves which rush up to within 5 metres of Intrepid' stern, towering over us and threatening to swamp us, then as she lifts her stern, gently pass underneath as we then swoop and surf down the other side at 7-8 knots. Its exhilarating but sometimes its more calming not to see it in such detail.
We expect to pass half way (1100 nautical miles gone, 1100 to go) tomorrow evening, 7 days and 6 hours after setting out. Jonny is promising us a new pancake recipe that will have us droolling.

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