Tendaba Camp

Andy Gibb
Tue 4 Jan 2011 21:27
We anchored at the mouth of the Bintang Tributory then motored up the main Gambia River to Tendaba Camp at 13:26.51N 15:48.59W. In best African (and British) tradition we had an introduction to Saja Touray the Manager of the Camp from Lamin our birdguide friend from Lamin. Tendaba was established in 1972 by a scandinavian Willy, and is still the best known camp on the river. Jonny and Martin are having a night on land (Ds 280 for a single hut, about 7 pounds) we had an exquisite local fish dinner together at the Abulawo 'restaurant' on the edge of the river by candlelight and tomorrow we go on a 4WD trip around Kliang West National Park.