14th January

Andy Gibb
Fri 14 Jan 2011 03:56
Its Nicky's birthday today, so I will be cooking fudge brownies this afternoon to celebrate this and less than 1000 miles to go to our mid Atlantic 2/3 waypoint which is there to keep us north of the ITCZ which can cause bad weather we wish to avoid.
Martin is improving on a diet of bananas crisps crackers and water, and is sleeping well now - he now understands the need to keep drinking and keep his hydration level up; fortunately his blood pressure and temperature are completely normal (we took Martin and Jonny's blood pressure before we set off so we had a base line reading). Martin should get up at 4am for his watch which he shares with Jonny, but we diecided to let him sleep on till 6.30 so he does not have the disorienting expereince of a totally black night watch as the moon set at 0230am. Its usually easier if you have a horizon to look at, and sunrise is at 0730 so first light at 0630. Martin won the competition to estimate how far we would go towards our destination - he guessed 14 miles, we all estimated lower, and we actually covered 158 miles. eta Cayenne at this rate is about 26th January.
Intrepid is stonking along at 7 knots even under severely reefed sais. in 22 knots of wind from the NE, we had kentucky fried chicken with bananas and sweet corn for dinner, papaya for pudding, I have not put the fishing lines out yet as we have so much meat etc in the fridge, and no-one seemed very keen for now as its quite bouncy. Later maybe a juicy tuna steak...