Nous sommes arrives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andy Gibb
Thu 27 Jan 2011 22:25
We are at 04:51.48N 52:16.94W and have arrived we finally found the NW current and made 6 knots to Cayenne to arrive at the fairway buoy at 2pm in time to motor up the dredged channel (no doubt paid for by EU funds) to the Degrad de Cannes marina' (actually a decrepit jetty with equally decrepit yachts alongside) BUT connected with Bernard and Mark and all the other French liveaboards, who true totheir philosophy after an initial suspicion welcomed us as fellow vagrants and were really helpful and lent us their key to the shower and helped us tie up and so on. We shrared our marmite flavoured popcorn with them, and they warily appreciated it, we slowly celebrated - its quite a strange feeling arriving - we have been in a different planet for 2 weeks and now are not that keen to see what new challenges await us. The 'marina' was full but we rafted up alongside one french boat but were then advised that it had been damaged by a similar rafting, so moved to another, then spied another better one out of the strong current so moved again, and now are finally celebrating and slowly letting 2 weeks on adrenalin seep out of our bodies and we relax for the first time in 2 weeks. We have done it as a TEAM, and that matters.
Food who cares, the closest to a restaurant is a shower block, so we are OK with frankfurters and eggs, and we have sailed 2200 miles and are just over the moon.

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