Sad to leave Gambia 13:32.58N 16:51.95W

Andy Gibb
Tue 11 Jan 2011 18:22
We have departed Gambia with many fond farewells to Mahmoud, Lamin Musa (birdwatching) Alex (who polished our boat), Kebber (who I bought a net for and who keeps rewarding us with more fish whihc we pay for), Binta his sister who is Nicky's particlar friend, Peter who owns and manages the Lamin Lodge, Lamin Saidy who is the rep for GOVI the Gambian Institute for the visually impaired, Osman, Pakinty, Eddy, Ume, the office manager at Lamin Lodge, Mboy the drummer and fire-eater, PaMboob the blind musician, and far too many others.
Gambia has been a real treat, I think we all loved the people and the country and I cant think of even one bad experience.
Maybe there should be a transatlantic rally leaving from Gambia, and certainly it should be on cruising destinations.