Bartica Mining Town up the Essaquibo River

Andy Gibb
Sat 5 Mar 2011 17:15
We are at 06:27.13N 58:37.44W anchored in the Essaquibo 30 metres of Kiy Nasciemento's 'resort' which is a private hideaway just 2 miles downriver from Bartica. We anchored 50 metres off Bartica to do the Immigration and Customs which Kit had pre-warned and took in total perhaps 20 minutes, only a Guy$2500 fee for customs (about US S12). Bartica is a mining town full of Brazians and others who licence a claim then get an excavator and dredge and try to extract enough gold to make their fortune. The ones who do make a fortune are the mining supply shops who supply all the pumps, tools, batteries and provisions. I liked it as a town, Nicky did not, but during the day its a good place to provision especially at the market on the waterfront next to the power station.
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