Monday 29 November 2010 Puerto Calero

Andy Gibb
Mon 29 Nov 2010 14:07
We are still at Puerto Calero in Lanzarote 28:55.01N 13:42.17W and while UK freezes we have gales gusting 40 knots from WSW, with heavy rain although the temperature is 24 degrees C. There have been 2 attempted piracies between Canaries and Cap Verdes, probably disgruntled fishermen rather than serious Al Queda or Somali pirates, so we have been checking our anti piracy tactics. And gale and storm tactics as at the weekend we expect to have another storm. The aim is to get as far south as possible to avoid it. The ARC fleet is right down by the Cap Verdes hurrying south to avoid gales and storms further north. We cross the Atlantic in winter to avoid the hurricane season, but that doesnt mean the winter gales go away!