Gone Sailing!

"Into Africa" More than a Motorcycle Adventure
Howard Fairbank
Sun 13 Jul 2014 07:11

This one from Raitea Island, French Polynesia…….!


The Africa bike trip seems a long way back now, but two months rewfection time, three weeks of which waqs with my blind friend Imtiaz Moosa, canoeing in the US Boundary Waters, has made me realise how valkuable my whole African expedition has been to completing the 'Truths picture' for 'The Planet', 'Society', and Myself! More will come out on that in the future…..


For the details of the final 'disconnections' from Africa:      I finally managed to 'give' my bike away, and even then the Nigerian, 'lucky boy',  behaved as expected and illegally imported the bike, not allowing me to claim my $2000 dollar AA deposit. The bucks aren't the big deal, just witnessing first hand low intergrity, as stereotyped behaviour has been fascinating….!


I have now been one week in French Polynesia, very intense time trying to make my new yacht my own, and finding out how everything works. We are heading off for our first sail tomorrow, so whoopie….!


As I type this the roar from the waves breaking off Raiatea, fringe reef in front of me is awesome. Twenty miles further off is Bora Bora island, clealy visisblke with its huge mountain.


This is a whole new world about to start….!



Not much on it yet, but you'll be able to follow the sailing journey at:   http://blog.mailasail.com/allone


Take care……