Day 10: Falling, but Conquering Sani Pass, and into Lesotho

"Into Africa" More than a Motorcycle Adventure
Howard Fairbank
Thu 2 May 2013 04:16

29:35.087S 29:17.30E





Sani Pass, done and a few bike scars to show for it…..




Great experience, wonderful to be in the ‘Berg’, riding up it, and having the very special Drakensberg all around me, and mostly on my own. I knew I’d be falling off the bike at least once on this Africa trip, but I didn’t expect it so early and in such spectacular fashion.




Anyway, I met two other motorcyclists at the top and the one came off eight times, the other once, and he was a very experienced rider. My two times off was then OK, and I have learnt a thing or two of what it happened.






What a special time for me at the top of the world, snow around and I did a 3 hour walk along the escarpment coming across this large toupe of baboons.  Watched a special sunrise, got back just before the light failed, and in time for the end of sundowners with a few other adventurers. Then a very special romantic dinner for one at the only hotel / restaurant up there, and off to bed a very content boy… Albeit a little nervous about what lay ahead the next day, after talking to the manager who knows the area well… It will take a lot longer than I’d imagined to get back to ‘civilisation’, but it should be another wonderful adventure in spectacular scenery.






29:35.087S 29:17.30E