Day 122 - Day 126. A bike / ferry excursion to Ibo Island, Quirimba National Park

"Into Africa" More than a Motorcycle Adventure
Howard Fairbank
Mon 9 Sep 2013 05:09

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Took a five day excursion up to Ibo Island. A 2.5 hr bike ride on a fairly challenging road up to Quissanga and then a short way on to Tandahanargue, and from there I used a local ferry boat to get to Ibo (1.5 hr trip) I was the last passenger in the ferry, given the worst seat on the windward rail, destined to get sopping wet!  Interesting ferry ride, trying to avoid the sea sweels, cutting through channels between mango swaps,  and we stopped at Ihla Quirimaba on the way.


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Ibo was surprisingly undeveloped, and I had this conflict of feeling, moving between hugely inspiring beauty, versus depressing dereliction of a once beautiful colonial outpost….


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I met Karl, the British chef and solo traveller, Lucie the Swiss woman running the ‘best’ eco-lodge I’d seen, as far as no local exploitation and respect for the environment etc…’. Then there was the mad UK, banker guy, Ziad, who I enjoyed a wonderful free spirited dinner with, and still owe him!


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I walked the whole way around the island, and enjoyed the diversity of its beauty, but was amazed at the way the local were juts raping the reefs at low tide.




This is the crowded boat I was on returning to the mainland….. Suffice to say:  It was a long trip!


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5 September to 9 September