Day 35: Chilled Out In the Middle of Lake Kariba

"Into Africa" More than a Motorcycle Adventure
Howard Fairbank
Tue 21 May 2013 04:23

17:10.027S 28:30.225E


I did manage to get onto the ferry…My bike too!  What nice people that run the ferry, they really tried to help. MG Car Club from Johannesburg had virtually booked the ferry out. All in all a whole bunch of nice people and they made it a richer ferry ride.



These two Zimbabwean women below where having a wonderful adventure: They had hitchhiked from Bulawayo, and told me they never had to wait long for lifts.  They loved my bike, and the concept of freedom it offered. We had lots of great chats, and I did wonder who was the most adventurous, them or me? That’s me riding up the ramp and ‘into’ the ferry.




I thought the ferry trip would be boring and a waste of money, but it actually turned out to be a wonderful experience. Good people, great lake environment, and wonderful service.