Day 116- Day 121... The World in Perspective. Back in Pemba from a three week European break.

"Into Africa" More than a Motorcycle Adventure
Howard Fairbank
Fri 30 Aug 2013 05:05

12:57.9S 40:24.0E




After my time with friend Imtiaz, I flew to Switzerland for 3 weeks break, and to collect some 1st World reference points.


Africa 2 251s.jpgAfrica 2 250s.jpg


The view from the plane of Quirimaba National Park Islands…. I very special sanctuary, lets hope the gas exploration doesn’t change that!



Africa 2 386s.jpgAfrica 2 398s.jpg


Wengen in Switzerland: Walking in the Alps:  I think it was good for my ankle! Had a Swiss doctor check it out: Seems it should be OK!




I arrived back in Pemba on 30  August!   


30th August to 4 September.


Spent 4 days there….


Discussions with Jacob, Met Steve, the hunter, and then Mr Wealthy business man, connected with the Ords from JHB. All the stories, money the past, Steve’s property deal, no money, no glasses, no teeth…. Drink too much, and very negative. Russell, picture. Russell’s Place, Pemba Magic Staff. Oil people staying there. Kazumi Travel couple,

Jacob’s story. John the electrician, Kirk Hollis.   Hospital corruption / bribery experience.  Lots of stories…Need time to expand on them.