Day 55. Left Harare, and Stopped just before Masvingo

"Into Africa" More than a Motorcycle Adventure
Howard Fairbank
Sun 9 Jun 2013 04:31

19:40.26S 29:47.5E


It was quite difficult leaving Jonathan Francis and Jenny Fawcett (Francis) (and Mana), but I felt I just needed to move on…. Nice people but the family / suburban life environment was ‘not me’.

A little bit challenging finding my way out of Harare, and finally saw Mbare township in all its aesthetic beauty!  Gee, Africa is going nowhere in some places….! Saw some very nice wood carving places along the way, and was tempted to order a large crocodile, but hit the usual issue, of where am I going to put it…..


Africa 2 079s.jpgIMG_1330s.jpg


Longish ride, but felt quite tired and when I came across this boutique hotel and restaurant just off the A4 but in the middle of nowhere, I decided to stop and enjoy a nice peaceful, quite out in the country setting. Friendly staff, nice little bungalows, and white peacocks running all over the place even inside.  I had dinner at the restaurant, and by evening there were quite a few other guests, who looked like corporate people just staying over for a business meeting.