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Howard Fairbank

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Yamaha Tenere XT660Z

'Simply Adventure': "A Way of Life!"


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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Jul 2014
Sun 13 Jul 07:11 Gone Sailing!
Apr 2014
Fri 18 Apr 15:25 Breaking News.....: Africa Phase 2 Ends! Yeah, It's all Over!
Thu 03 Apr 15:19 It finally came down to heading to London....!
Mar 2014
Sat 29 Mar 21:00 Arrival in Lagos, Ordeals allround, and mugged on Day 1! 6:25.39N 3:25.63E
Sat 29 Mar 16:31 Crossing the Niger River, a very hard day, living the Nigerian experience! 6:47.75N 4:52.39E
Tue 25 Mar 12:29 Nigeria. a new world! 5:00.60N 7:20.00E
Tue 25 Mar 10:44 This is how Africa churns one's soul......I got angry with 'it' today! 5:48.50N 8:51.28E
Tue 25 Mar 09:54 From the ocean to the mountains: Bafousamy is my home tonight! 5:27.32N 10:25.70E
Tue 25 Mar 09:52 Gee, its nice to be free again, and at the ocean.....'Paradise' on the Atlantic at Limbe, 4:00.58N 9:12.42E
Sat 22 Mar 07:20 My Four days in Yaounde Central Hospital
Sat 22 Mar 07:19 Into Cameroon, a Yaounde hospital room for my hotel, and a whole new 'ordeal' begins........ 3:52.28N 11:30.64E
Sat 22 Mar 07:18 A real Sunday afternoon ride to Oyem, Cameroon awaits...... 1:36.14N 11:34.56E
Sat 15 Mar 12:36 The Northern Hemisphere and Libreville.... Living up to its reputation: Getting my freedom back! 0:23.00N 9:26.81E
Sat 15 Mar 11:14 Beautiful forests, and a culturally challenging, first day in Gabon. My last day in the Southern hemisphere, till July! 0:41.82S 10:13.45E
Sat 15 Mar 11:01 What a tough day..... but Congo roads now behind me, as Gabon is another new country! 2:24.08S 11:21.07E
Sat 15 Mar 10:48 A great welcome 'home' by "Mr Felix', re-united with my bike, and then another day of adventure! 3:28.90S 12:12.19E
Sat 15 Mar 10:42 I knew this return truck ride would be interesting, but not this amount! 4:16.10S 14:05.87E
Sat 08 Mar 19:39 Brazzaville at last.....! 4:16.04S 15:16.87E
Sat 08 Mar 15:47 Brazzaville mission stopped by the Military...Overnighting in Mindouli, now this brings perspective! 4:16.19S 14:21.89E
Sat 08 Mar 05:47 Well this was totally unexpected.... Thought I'd be in Brazzaville.??? And what an ordeal, including the rewards... Madingou! 4:09.72S 13:33.08E
Fri 07 Mar 19:20 A day in Pointe Noir.....Day away from the 'office'
Tue 04 Mar 12:53 'The ordeal' happened....then a new country, and new culture! 4:48.12S 11:50.22E
Tue 04 Mar 12:40 Cabinda delivers the best equatorial storm yet..... 5:33.51S 12:11.14E
Tue 04 Mar 12:32 An unexpectedly social day....... Now at sea on the way to Cabinda! 5:54.16S 12:31.58E
Sat 01 Mar 12:01 A tough, but rewarding day..... Soyo, and finally the Congo River! 6:07.16S 12:21.58E
Sat 01 Mar 11:56 Freedom from Luanda......A slow day, and N'zeto is the reward! 7:18.78S 12:51.68E
Sat 01 Mar 11:55 A few more pics of Luanda
Feb 2014
Thu 27 Feb 08:11 Big bad Luanda delivers at the highest level! 8:49.59S 13:12.85E
Thu 27 Feb 08:11 Savouring the delights before 'Big bad', Luanda.... 8:58.92S 13:07.71E
Thu 27 Feb 08:10 Porto Ambiom 10:43.77S 13:45.23E
Thu 27 Feb 08:10 A long day, nearly lost.....Civilised Benguela, and back swimming in the Atlantic! 12:34.82S 13:20.90E
Thu 27 Feb 08:09 Back through Lubango.... 14:59.17S 13:29.60E
Thu 27 Feb 08:08 The Serra da Leba Pass, a wonderful desert ride, the Atlantic Ocean at last, and then the surprise gem of Namibe
Thu 27 Feb 08:08 A rest day in Lubango..... Tunda Vala, and Monumento Christo Rei!
Thu 27 Feb 08:03 Well it was much harder than we thought.... The hardest day yet....By Far!....But we made it to Lubongo 14:59.17S 13:29.60E
Sun 23 Feb 09:48 Brief Update...
Wed 19 Feb 05:35 A looong day's riding to Oshikango...Angola tomorrow! 17:24.61S 15:50.26E
Mon 17 Feb 18:58 Through the Caprivi, across the Okavango River, and now sundowners at the Cunene River 17:54.50S 19:46.50E
Mon 17 Feb 18:50 Africa Part 2: The show finally begins in earnest....... 17:40.60S 23:20.20E
Mon 17 Feb 18:49 Back in Botswana, and a 35 year reunion with Rob! 17:47.60S 25:09.20E
Mon 17 Feb 18:48 The 'lost' 10 days.... Gee, this was quite challenging...! 17:51.29S 25:51.69E
Fri 07 Feb 11:12 Day 1-3: Goodbye Lusaka, Livingstone and Victoria Falls 17:51.29S 25:51.69E
Fri 07 Feb 11:07 Africa Part 2: Back in Lusaka: The Three month Whirlwind has subsided, and a whole new World and Life awaits 15:24.10S 28:17.10E
Jan 2014
Tue 21 Jan 23:19 Part 1 Summary: Simply Adventure... Something Different in Africa......
Oct 2013
Mon 28 Oct 06:58 Day 181- Day 185: Lusaka, and learning to be a Farmer! 15:24.12S 28:17.41E
Mon 28 Oct 06:52 Day 178 - Day 180: Wonderfully relaxing days on the ship, MV Liemba to Zambia 8:45.40S 31:06.51E
Mon 28 Oct 06:51 Day 177: More Chimpanzees, I met Darwin, and then a big night waiting on the beach for the MV Liemba. 5:57.12S 29:52.54E
Mon 28 Oct 06:51 Day 174 - Day 176: Challenging ride down the Lake, and then Wonderful Chimps and Lake to Myself! 6:21.32S 29:48.23E
Mon 28 Oct 06:50 Day 172 - Day 173: Gombe National Park... What a boat ride experience, but No Chimpanzees! 4:40.11S 29:37.23E
Sun 27 Oct 07:47 Day 170 - Day 171 : An amazing ride down Lake Tanganyika to Kigoma.... I'm back in Tanzania 4:52.49S 29:37.22E
Sat 26 Oct 06:46 Mbanda (Burundi / Tanzania Border) 4:16.14S 29:46.50E
Sat 26 Oct 06:45 Nyanza Lac, point of heading inland.: 4:20.27S 29:36.26E
Fri 25 Oct 05:38 Day 167- Day 169: A new country: Burundi, Bujumbara, and Lake Tangayika 3:22.48S 29:20.52E
Mon 21 Oct 06:37 Through Nyungwe National Park to Kamembe 2:35.09S 29:41.21E
Mon 21 Oct 06:37 Muhungo, then Nyanza (Old and New Chief’s Palace) 2:20.57S 29:45.04E
Mon 21 Oct 05:38 Day 165- Day 166: Leaving the Lake Kivu. Huge variety today, amazing riding, and a near disaster! 2:27.58S 28:54.07E
Sat 19 Oct 05:39 Day 165: Down Lake Kivu shore: Congo Nile Trail by Motorcycle to Kibuye....! 2:04.04S 29:20.47E
Thu 17 Oct 05:31 Day 163- Day 164: Great Gorilla viewing the a Waterside Base: Lake Kivu, and Gisenyi 1:42.11S 29:15.52E
Tue 15 Oct 05:31 Day 162: Spectacular ride, the volcanoes, and splashing out on an World Class experience! 1:29.57S 29:36.33E
Mon 14 Oct 05:30 Day 161: Rwanda... Wow, a new model for Africa! Kigali, a pleasant surprise! 1:56.25S 30:03.42E
Sun 13 Oct 05:28 Day 160: A VERY tough ride to the Soaken Metropolis of Kabale 1:15.33S 29:59.29E
Sat 12 Oct 05:28 Day 158- Day 159: A Difficult day to Bwindi Park, and then Mountain Gorilla Tracking against the Doctor;s recommendations! 0:59.24S 29:36.49E
Wed 09 Oct 05:27 Day 156- 157: Challenging ride to Ishasha, and Tree Lions, just my Motorcycle and Me...... 0:36.58S 29:39.27E
Tue 08 Oct 05:26 Day 155: Kibale, the search for Chimpanzees 0:26.09N 30:23.38E
Mon 07 Oct 05:26 Day 154: Queen Elizabeth Park, camping at Mweya 0:11.12S 29:54.05E
Sun 06 Oct 05:24 Day 153: From Kampala a gentle climbing to Crater Lakes area.... Monkeys galore! 0:31.12S 30:18.13E
Thu 03 Oct 05:23 Day 149 - Day 152: From Bike to 4X4; Jerry and I do a Huge Northern Uganda Adventure. Following the Victoria Nile....... 2:28.50S 31:49.22E
Sep 2013
Sun 29 Sep 05:18 Day 147- Day 148: Big bad Kampala: A Challenge, and an unlikely 'Friendship begins'....... 0:24.55S 33:12.12E
Sat 28 Sep 05:17 Day 145- Day 146: Across the Equator: Uganda, a Refreshing 'New Show', Jinja, and the Magical Nile 0:24.55S 33:12.12E
Thu 26 Sep 05:17 Day 144: Climbing above the Rift Valley, The Kenyan Lakes, Tea Plantations and then Kisumu, on Lake Victoria 0:05.48S 34:45.13E
Wed 25 Sep 05:16 Day 143: Big Bad Nairobi..... 1:15.42S 36:49.19E
Tue 24 Sep 05:20 Day 141- Day 142: Moshi, Kilimanjaro, and then arrival at Arusha 3:23.06S 36:43.13E
Sun 22 Sep 05:15 Day 140: Same (the town) and Frustrations acessing Mkomazi National Park 4:04.12S 37:43.90E
Sat 21 Sep 05:19 Day 139: Wonderful Lushoto, a great mountain hideaway. 4:47.57S 38:17.27E
Fri 20 Sep 05:14 Day 137- Day 138: Udzungwa Mountains National Park. 8:08.26S 36:41.02E
Thu 19 Sep 05:14 Day 136: Closest Shave Yet, then wonderful ride through Mikumi National Park 7:22.49S 34:05.53E
Wed 18 Sep 05:13 Day 133- 135: Big Bad Dar-es-Salaam! This time by motorcycle! 6:44.49S 39:16.53E
Sun 15 Sep 05:13 Day 131- Day 132: Kilwa Masoko and Kilwa Kisiwani 8:53.42S 39:31.02E
Fri 13 Sep 05:12 Day 129- Day 130: Finally across the Rovuma and Mwtara 10:15.14S 40:11.20E
Wed 11 Sep 05:11 Day 128: The Rovuma, but no ferry today. Nearly sleeping with the Elephants! 10:32.12S 40:23.25E
Tue 10 Sep 05:10 Day 127: Wild Mozambique: Mocimboa da Praia 11:19.85S 40:21.17E
Mon 09 Sep 05:09 Day 122 - Day 126. A bike / ferry excursion to Ibo Island, Quirimba National Park 11:19.85S 40:21.17E
Aug 2013
Fri 30 Aug 05:05 Day 116- Day 121... The World in Perspective. Back in Pemba from a three week European break. 12:57.90S 40:24.00E
Jul 2013
Fri 12 Jul 04:59 Day 87- Day 114: Bye bye M/Cycle, Exploring Tanzania with my Blind Friend Imi 13:00.90S 40:24.00E
Thu 11 Jul 04:44 Day 86: Back in Pemba 12:57.90S 40:24.00E
Tue 09 Jul 04:43 Day 84- Day 85: Taratibu: Now this is a Special Place. Elephant Massacre site................... 12:48.96S 39:41.70E
Sun 07 Jul 04:41 Day 81- Day 83: Confusing, and Magical Pemba 12:57.90S 40:24.00E
Thu 04 Jul 03:41 Day 78- Day 80: Magical Ilha da Mozambique. Imagine what is REALLY was like! 15:01.90S 40:44.30E
Mon 01 Jul 04:39 Day 71- Day 77: Booming Nampula an unlikely Home, but neccesity brings belonging! 15:38.80S 37:40.80E
Jun 2013
Mon 24 Jun 04:38 Day 66- Day 70 : Angoche New Friends and Lots of Drama! 16:13.60S 39:54.41E
Wed 19 Jun 04:38 Day 65: No Fracture. Taking the safer road to Alto Molocue 15:38.80S 37:40.80E
Tue 18 Jun 04:37 Day 64: Across the Zambezi, to Hospital... Qulimane! 17:57.49S 36:53.04E
Mon 17 Jun 05:56 (no subject) 17:49.24S 35:20.11E
Mon 17 Jun 04:36 Day 62-Day 63 The Toughest Days yet. Is my ankle broken? 18:24.45S 35:01.30E
Sat 15 Jun 04:35 Day 60 -Day 61: Into Mozambique, Portuguese and Beira........ 19:50.30S 34:50.30E
Thu 13 Jun 04:35 Day 58 - Day 59: Mutare 18:57.16S 32:39.34E
Mon 10 Jun 04:34 Day 56- day 57: Masvingo, Great Zimbabwe and Lake Kyle in the Rain 20:16.26S 30:55.50E
Sun 09 Jun 04:31 Day 55. Left Harare, and Stopped just before Masvingo 19:40.26S 29:47.50E
Sat 08 Jun 04:26 Day 53 - Day 54: The Ride to Harare, and great Hospitality! 20:16.26S 30:55.50E
Fri 07 Jun 04:33 Day 52: Makuti again, Time for Reflection: Mana Pools, the Ruckomechi, What an Adventure! 16:18.60S 29:14.50E
Thu 06 Jun 04:25 Day 41 to Day 51: From Solo to a Group, we are off down the Ruckomechi River! 15:50.60S 29:30.50E
Sat 01 Jun 04:59 (no subject) 16:05.60S 29:30.50E
May 2013
Sun 26 May 04:25 Day 37 to 40: Makuti my base for a few days. A taste of the Colonial past! 16:18.60S 29:14.50E
Wed 22 May 04:24 Day 36: Terra Firma, again: Kariba Town, Lost in Time. 16:31.96S 28:46.07E
Tue 21 May 04:23 Day 35: Chilled Out In the Middle of Lake Kariba 17:10.03S 28:30.23E
Mon 20 May 04:22 Day 34: Milibizi and Lake Kariba with the Tonga people 17:56.03S 27:04.22E
Sun 19 May 04:21 Day 33: Enter Friendly Zimbabwe. Hwange Game Park on the bike! 18:20.65S 26:30.23E
Tue 07 May 04:20 Day 15 to Day 32 Off the Bike, 4X4-ing in Botswana Wonderland 19:56.90S 23:28.61E
Mon 06 May 04:19 Day 14: Arrival at Maun, 1st Major Adventure Milestone 19:56.90S 23:28.61E
Sun 05 May 04:19 Day 13: Into Botswana, long straight roads, this is the Kalahari 21:42.22S 21:38.81E
Sat 04 May 04:17 Day 12: Zeerust: Back in Time to the Old South Africa 25:33.09S 26:04.10E
Fri 03 May 04:16 Day 11: This is Adventure: Tough Challenge and Immense Beauty of Lesotho and the Maluti 28:40.09S 28:28.30E
Thu 02 May 04:16 Day 10: Falling, but Conquering Sani Pass, and into Lesotho 29:35.09S 29:17.30E
Apr 2013
Tue 30 Apr 04:15 Day 8- Day 9: Family calls. Hillcrest, Zwa Zulu Natal 29:46.39S 30:45.48E
Mon 29 Apr 04:13 Day 7: Magnificient Drakensberg and the challenging Bergville Hotel 28:43.53S 29:21.08E
Thu 25 Apr 04:10 Day 3 - Day 6: Johannesburg, friends, visas, and bike maintenance 26:08.26S 28:01.14E
Wed 24 Apr 04:03 Day 2: Douglas 29:03.21S 23:46.11E
Tue 23 Apr 04:00 Day 1: The Awesome Karoo and 'Little" Calvinia 31:28.48S 19:46.64E
Mon 22 Apr 03:45 Day 0: The Adventure Begins: Leaving the Southern Tip of Africa, Cape of Good Hope 34:07.02S 18:27.32E