Day 172 - Day 173: Gombe National Park... What a boat ride experience, but No Chimpanzees!

"Into Africa" More than a Motorcycle Adventure
Howard Fairbank
Mon 28 Oct 2013 06:50



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I managed to get a permit to go Chimpanzee viewing at Gombe Stream National Park. I decided to take a local boat the three hour journey up the coast from Kigoma, and stay two nights.


Well the boat ride was huge experience, me being the only Umzungu, and the only one getting out at Gombe Park stop. Lots of stories about this boat trip.


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I was the only guest in the campsite, and stayed in the bungalows, but the customer service and staff work ethic was a disappointment. Then, the next day, after walking for 6 hours with a guide, I never saw the chimpanzees and we had to call it a day…. Apparently this is very rare, and seeing how small the park is I could see why. The real reason was that the guide was incompetent, as was proven later when I found out that two day trippers had seen some chimpanzees using another guide, and my guide was so off track he couldn’t make radio contact with these guys.


Anyway, it was great just walking in the park, and seeing where Jane Goodall did all her research and learning some of the stories of how she went about it all. Also the bird life and butterfly life was wonderful. So no chimp photos!





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23rd and 24 Oct.


Gombe Stream National Park, Lake Tanganyika