Day 153: From Kampala a gentle climbing to Crater Lakes area.... Monkeys galore!

"Into Africa" More than a Motorcycle Adventure
Howard Fairbank
Sun 6 Oct 2013 05:24




00:31.12S 30:18.13E   


Sunday ride from Kampala, to Fort Portal, late lunch at the open market next to the busy bus station.  I had very cold hands from riding, hard to believe that I was at the equator and almost had frost bite!  In my excitement to try all the local food, I ordered too much food….Rolex, and njama and beans etc, and felt like a greedy, non appreciative tourist.…. Arriving in Fort Portal, I was surprised to come across a tourist info place, but they had no maps etc, just coffee, and cakes etc…. Rested there, and prepared myself for exploring the Crater Lake area which was awaiting….


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Fort Portal Centre                                                                                                           My exclusive cottage at lakeside…very special                        One of the many crater lakes

Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve and Community Campsite

2 km from Rwaihamba. Big forest walk, then walk to top of the world, the guy with the no pedals bike, the lovely British couple, she the physio he the Barclays man… The colobus monkeys, the lake and the locals, dinner, my helmut and the sleeper



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