Day 160: A VERY tough ride to the Soaken Metropolis of Kabale

"Into Africa" More than a Motorcycle Adventure
Howard Fairbank
Sun 13 Oct 2013 05:28



01:15.33S 29:59.29E 


Started 1600m, and then went up and over the mountains (2400m) and then down to Kabale (1800m)


Woke up feeling apprehensive about the ride ahead and what the road would present. Planned the long route via Kanungu, my Uganda guide said the Park road was shocking…..


Driver convinced me, rough to start, then steep downhill with a sharp rocky u turn going up, solid rock boulders ahead on a very steep incline….. time to turn around …help, then serious mud sections, bike too high and fear of falling in…… tense stuff…


Stopped to view a rural Church and the stuttering guy came to beg….. Gorilla trackers in 4x4’s sign of not so far…. Not many on the road, huge eroded ditches running down the hills.


Relief when I hit the tar road…28km downhill. This had been a very tough ride, my leg was very sore, and the conditions needed a 100% concentration for the full 6 hours or so…Tiring stuff, but it felt so good knowing I’d made it all my own, and without another fall, which would have been disastrous to the torn ligaments of now both ankles!


Made it to Kabale around 1pm. Kabale backpackers….I had to beg for a Rolex and coffee, no lights, power staff sleeping, or working outside my door….. My ankle is now really painful and purple. Hey, man this is pretty challenging stuff!