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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Nov 2014
Fri 28 Nov 00:32 Day 11 Wrap up: Gee, a loooong sleep, and wake up to the prefect Bay of Islands day, now I can write to you! 35:18.80S 174:07.30E
Thu 27 Nov 06:08 Day 11, and the finish: It's all over, a great end, and now safely tied up in Opua. 35:18.80S 174:07.30E
Wed 26 Nov 05:40 Day 10: A hard night, weather from all seasons, but we are on track for Wednesday arrival..... 33:10.60S 175:15.90E
Tue 25 Nov 04:58 Day 9: Headwinds, grey skies, light rain, and colder! All the ingredients for a New Zealand sailing party! 31:36.30S 176:16.90E
Mon 24 Nov 04:54 Day 8: Nearly the end of the trades, a consuming day at the 'office' and two fish....! 29:34.90S 177:17.40E
Sun 23 Nov 04:46 Day 7: Settling in to life aboard, and enjoying the trade winds..... 27:31.70S 178:40.20E
Sat 22 Nov 04:34 Day 6: We are on our way again......Good wind, Lumpy seas, the fish that got away, and...... 25:04.70S 179:50.90W
Fri 21 Nov 01:51 Day 5: Away from the crowd, alone, but 'Allone' with South Minerva Reef 23:56.60S 179:07.60W
Thu 20 Nov 03:43 Day 4: North Minerva Reef Experience 23:39.00S 178:53.60W
Wed 19 Nov 16:12 Day 3: A rest day at North Minerva Reef....... 23:39.00S 178:53.60W
Sun 16 Nov 23:15 Day 2: Windless day yesterday, takes us to a surprise new paradise! 23:39.00S 178:53.60W
Sat 15 Nov 23:19 Day 1: Bye bye, Tonga, racing along and then the big calm..... 23:31.40S 177:09.70W
Sat 15 Nov 23:18 Day 1: Bye bye, Tonga, racing along and then the big calm..... 23:31.40S 177:09.70W
Fri 14 Nov 04:39 We WILL be leaving within 16 hours..... A surprise last Tongan experience.....! 21:02.70S 175:15.70W
Wed 12 Nov 18:44 The waiting continues, but day 1, looks insight now! Holding thumbs! 21:07.60S 175:09.70W
Sun 09 Nov 04:36 Back from holiday! Still day 0, but we moved into town...! 21:08.30S 175:10.90W
Wed 05 Nov 21:23 Still Day 0..... We didn't leave yesterday.......! 21:07.50S 175:09.70W
Tue 04 Nov 06:58 Day 0: Time to leave Nuku'alofa, and Tonga...! 21:07.50S 175:09.70W
Oct 2014
Mon 27 Oct 22:06 14. Tongatapu and Nuku'alofa......Tonga's south. Next stop New Zealand! 21:07.56S 175:09.76W
Mon 27 Oct 22:06 13. Ha'apai Islands ....... Tonga's central islands group 19:50.98S 174:24.91W
Mon 27 Oct 22:05 12. Vavu'a, The Kingdom of Tonga....... 18:39.55S 173:59.07W
Mon 27 Oct 22:05 11. Niue...... The flat rock island, smallest country in the world, that surprised....... 19:03.15S 169:55.55W
Mon 27 Oct 22:05 10. Rarotonga....Two months on the yacht! 18:42.54S 173:15.84W
Mon 27 Oct 22:05 9. Maupiti 16:27.39S 152:14.92W
Mon 27 Oct 22:04 8. Bora Bora, the Simply Adventure way....Bloody Mary's 16:31.68S 151:44.78W
Mon 27 Oct 22:04 7. Tahaa, a few special days 16:49.15S 151:32.67W
Mon 27 Oct 22:03 6. Hauahine in a different context, and Simply Adventure gains momentum..... 16:49.15S 150:59.43W
Mon 27 Oct 22:02 5. Papeete, lots of drama and our belongings.......Exploring Tahiti! 17:35.16S 149:37.11W
Mon 27 Oct 22:02 4. Beating to Huahine Island on our own..... 16:49.15S 150:59.43W
Mon 27 Oct 22:01 3. Back in Raiatea preparing for Tahiti 16:43.79S 151:26.56W
Mon 27 Oct 22:01 2. Maiden Sail to Bora Bora 16:30.08S 151:45.30W
Mon 27 Oct 21:59 1. Bye bye, London, Hello Raiatea....! A whole new life begins....... 16:37.18S 151:32.70W
May 2014
Tue 13 May 12:08 The Journey Begins Here: Waiting for 6th July 2014 16:44.15S 151:29.33W
Sat 10 May 13:43 February 2014: The Background Context From Lusaka