16th to 17th July - Levanto to Santa Margherita to Genoa (The end of the trip)

Bali Hai
Neal Stow
Fri 17 Jul 2009 21:16
The 16th July was yet another day of motoring along the coast.  We hoped to spend the night in Portofino with the jet set (and also Mirabella V who had again been following us) but when we arrived we discovered that there are only 8 visitor berths in the small harbour.  So instead we carried on to Santa Margherita which is yet another lovely Italian Riviera town.
We took the dinghy ashore and then the bus to Portofino for a drink.  Apparently there is a replica of Portofino in Las Vegas and I imagine that it is difficult to tell which is which as the original could easily have been created for Disneyland.  Disappointed with what we found we headed back to Santa Margherita for dinner followed by a wonderful gelato.
The 17th July was to be the last day of the trip and during the 14 miles to Genoa we at last managed to get a bit of sailing in for Mark and Stacy - although it was hardly and exhilarating sail. 
The weather was quite gloomy in Genoa when we arrived but the town looked attractive - a bit like Barcelona the marina is located in the middle of the old town.  We have a one year mooring in Marina Molo Vecchio (the "Superyacht marina" - Mirabella V was to arrive the following week) and following the problems last year in Barcelona I was keen to ensure a successful docking this time.
Our first attempt was perfect as we came in and tied up.  Unfortunately the location of the power box on the quay meant that we could not lower our gangplank and so we were told to move the boat across to the next spot.  This was to be our downfall as, in moving the boat, one of the lazy lines caught in the bowthruster and broke the shaft.
So, yet again, the summer sailing trip ended on a bit of sour note.  However, the marina staff in Molo Vecchio are extremely helpful and efficient and the boat is already scheduled to come out of the water to be repaired next week.  The town of Genoa also seems to be a great spot to leave the boat and a base to explore the rest of Northern Italy. 
Many thanks to Mark and Stacy for the last week, I hope they enjoyed it (as they are so incredibly polite I will never know if they did not).  Thanks to Rob for another year of support in moving his second home (hopefully he will be back with Joanne next time).  Finally a great thank you to Emma who was wonderful for the whole time - how she managed to put up with me on a boat for 8 weeks I will never know.